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Outside specialists are increasingly necessary to handle changes in business operations, dealing with growth or cost pressures or to help with digitization, for example. So why do we consider it challenging to go out and look for help?


Identifying the right specialist firm for you is challenging. And after that, you still have to find the most suitable specialist for the task itself. Today, that task might just as well be additional resourcing for acquisitions or a strategic development project that requires a distinguished elite talent to guide your company towards success.

When There Is No Time

I have noticed that perhaps one of the most significant challenges for hiring outside specialists or personnel resources consists of lack of time for training new people and the incapacity to reduce the output of key personnel, such as the acquisitions or purchase manager, as they are already at full capacity. Another interesting assumption relates to the amount of substantive competency regarding the actual industry or the purchased goods. I have heard these questions so many times: How can you as an outsider help us when we have been successfully handling these things for 25 years? In my opinion, the only correct answer here is that you are the ones we can actually help the most.

"Start out with determination, with clearly defined goals, and in good time."

Defining Clear Targets Helps – Just Ask Uusikaupunki

When starting out, the threshold can be quite high as we are still considering the acquisition – do we handle it ourselves alongside our regular tasks as we know what we are doing or do we enlist the help of the right specialist to utilize their expertise?

It is best to start out with determination, with clearly defined goals, and in good time. I have been following with great interest the boom of the automotive factory in Uusikaupunki, including the production of new Mercedes Benz models. It would not have been possible without making the right moves ahead of time and with clearly defined targets. Valmet-Automotive has kept on the ball brilliantly and understood the need to build a network of partners and reserve resources in time – for both the initial investments of automotive production as well as building the actual cars. It is great to see this happening in Finland and, of all places, in Uusikaupunki!

So, how can we operate in a scalable manner to open the doors for outside expertise? Let’s focus on core competency and on the things at which we excel. Let’s acquire outside assistance and resources to turn the impossible into attainable together. The need for resources may sometimes surprise us, but how often do we receive surprise resources without having information of the sales pipeline and the market situation? As a generalization, we can say that resource requirements very rarely disappear suddenly – especially when we have managed to produce results and continuity. Surprises always occur and an operations model that is scalable all the way down to resourcing is the best way forward even then.


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