A shared vision and commitment help with drawing up an efficient procurement strategy

Typically, procurement makes up approximately 60–80% of the company’s turnover. Yet, it is regrettably rare that the importance of a seamless procurement process is acknowledged. When it comes to customer projects, it is often evident that the company’s management lacks a sufficient view of the current state of procurement, there is no regular reporting, and procurement […]

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Procurement consulting

A goal-oriented approach to supply chain management and new insights with our consulting services. Let’s work together to turn your supply chain into a package that makes your operations more competitive.

Procurement development for increased competitiveness

Our procurement consulting services enable you to clear the current state of your company’s procurement, set your procurement goals to support your business and create efficient operating models to meet your targets. You can achieve the targets you have met with a positive attitude and our help. Our development journey is a practical model, which utilizes end-to-end supply chain management and our Lean competence. Your development journey is supported by our team of 40+ multi-skilled and experienced supply chain specialists.
Average EBIT increase of 15%
Improved supply chain management
Improved competitiveness
Competitiveness through procurement development. Let’s talk more!
Our consulting services enable you to clear the current state of your company’s procurement, set your procurement goals to support your business, and create efficient operating models to meet your targets together with me. What is it you want to achieve? I can help—contact me via this form and let’s get started! 

Best regards, Matti Torkkeli, Consulting Director
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    Let’s make procurement make a profit!

    What if the role of procurement were to create added value and increase the competitiveness of operations?
    What if you were better able to keep your customer promise?
    What if procurement and purchasing could find new solutions or added an important competitive advantage to the next request for a quotation your customer sends you?
    Here is an example of our A-B-C operating model, which has gained a bit of a cult reputation and helped dozens of companies turn procurement into a competitive advantage. It is worth keeping in mind that the journey of change and the long-term results become evident after the implementation of stage C—that’s when you really reap the profits and the benefits of the competitive advantage. At this juncture, our team of 40+ professionals also offer the resources for implementation, i.e. our experienced professionals to help meet your targets—we do what we promise!
    • Current state and clear targets
    • Quick improvement measures identified and being implemented
    • Short- and long-term development opportunities
    • Plan ready for the development stage
    • Definition of the procurement strategy
    • The procurement operating model including the processes, roles, and indicators
    • A concrete business-supporting implementation plan for the development of procurement
    • Efficient procurement function linked to the business operations
    • Procurement is managed and developed > the company’s own competence improves
    • Improved average EBIT of 15% and competitiveness
    • Implementation performed by ValueSource’s professionals!
    Even a solid strategy, a lofty action plan, or a fine-tuned operating model may not be productive if it has not been implemented throughout the organization. The journey of change benefits from external know-how and impartial guidance. The length of the journey correlates with its scale and the organization’s ability to change. We will ensure that you use your time in a systematic and productive way—the rest, you can leave to us!
    Competitive edge and profitability
    You don’t need a ready-made plan—just a goal and the will to improve. We will support you in meeting your goals.
    We can help when

    You want to free time to develop your business and do less firefighting in your supply chain

    • You want to improve your financial efficiency  
    • You want to benefit from new procurement insights
    • You want to reduce the supply chain risks
    • You want to develop your own competence
    • You want to optimize your total costs
    • You are committed to change and development
    An efficient procurement function is directly linked to business operations and the improvement of competitiveness. Procurement is managed and measured on a factual basis. The customer’s own operations and performance improve during the mutual journey, genuinely enabling sustainable development.
    The EBIT improvement may be up to 15%.
    Operating model
    We objectively analyze the starting point. We identify both quick measures and long-term development targets. The customer has goals, and we have the means to reach them. The customer is with us throughout the whole journey and is invested in the mutual workshops as well as the implementation of measures—we take care of the rest.
    Change to new
    Development does not happen without change—we will support you throughout your journey of change.
    In addition to know-how, the implementation of as development plan takes time and resources, and we have over 40 supply chain professionals to help with the implementation of change in the customer’s operations.
    Success and sustainable competitiveness are born out of sharper procurement and professional management. The proof is in the success of our customers. Read about our customers’ experiences and results!

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    We make procurement into a competitive edge for you

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