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Typically, procurement makes up approximately 60–80% of the company’s turnover. Yet, it is regrettably rare that the importance of a seamless procurement process is acknowledged. When it comes to customer projects, it is often evident that the company’s management lacks a sufficient view of the current state of procurement, there is no regular reporting, and procurement […]

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Privacy protection at ValueSource Partners

Your privacy matters to ValueSource. We make sure that your data is secure. Below, you can find more information on the data we collect and the way we process it.
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Data protection has always been part of our operations. Recently, digitalization has changed the way personal data is used in our society. This has created a need to update regulations to align them with the new and current ways of using personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU has been applied to all companies and organization that process personal data since May 25, 2018. The purpose of the GDPR is to emphasize a person’s right to decide on their personal data and the way it is used. ValueSource Partners is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our services in accordance with the GDPR as well as other applicable legislation. Below, you can find more information on the data we collect and the way we process it.

What kind of data do we collect and why?

ValueSource Partners’ corporate customer and corporate decision-maker registers are maintained for the purpose of customer relationship management, targeted communications, and developing the services provided by ValueSource Partners (hereinafter referred to as “ValueSource”).

The data we collect for our registers includes: the name and address of the company, the names, titles, potential job descriptions, email addresses, and phone numbers of contact persons as well as additional information pertaining to assignments, invoicing, training, or events.

As a rule, the data is collected from the persons themselves as well as companies during the customer relationship but also from other sources. For example, data may be collected if you subscribe to our blog or enter information in other electronic forms via our website. We may also collect data from public sources, such as company websites, service providers (such as Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, Fonecta Oy) or private or public registers.

ValueSource’s employee register is maintained for recruitment purposes or, with regard to active expert profiles, tailored communications. For more information about our employee register and the privacy statement of the register, please select the ‘Open Application’ button on our recruitment page.

Cookies, analytical services, and ValueSource

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are files inserted and stored by the website onto your computer or another device. ValueSource uses cookies to improve your user experience and to make your visit more beneficial. Information received via cookies may also be used for targeted marketing, for example. However, ValueSource is not able to identify the user of the computer or device based on cookies.

When using our website, you consent to the use of cookies. However, you have the option to delete cookies in your browser settings after your visit or to disable cookies entirely in the settings. Please note, however, that cookies are necessary for the functionality of some of the features on our website. Therefore, ValueSource is unfortunately unable to guarantee the functionality of its website if cookies are disabled.

We also use the analytical services of Google Analytics and HubSpot on our website. With the analytical services, we collect data, such as your IP address or user data related to the navigation of our site, in order to be better able to develop and target ValueSource’s products and services. You can block Google Analytics using an add-on, which you can find in your browser settings. Please bear in mind that blocks are browser- and device-specific.

Transfer and inspection of data & external links

We process your personal data confidentially. We do not disclose or sell your data to third parties unless it is a question of a transfer of data arising from a legal requirement or an official request. Your data is stored in protected databases using technical and software measures to ensure data security.

We do not regularly transfer your data outside the EEA. Nevertheless, the collected data is partially stored outside the EEA, for example, if the provider of a service or software used by us resides or stores data outside the EEA. In such situations, we strive to ensure that your data is processed pursuant to the law as well as these privacy protection principles and privacy statements.

You have the right to inspect your data processed by us free of charge once a year and to request the correction of any erroneous data. Furthermore, you have the right to prohibit the processing of your personal data or request that your personal data be deleted from the registers insofar as there are no statutory obligations to store the personal data in question. 

On our website, there are links to or contents from other sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The use of external contents is subject to the valid privacy statement on the page in question.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us

We review our statements and may update their contents from time to time.

The controller is: ValueSource Partners Oy, Linnankatu 3A, 20100 Turku, Finland.

If you have any question regarding the processing of your data, please contact us at info@www.values.fi or stop for a cup of coffee at our offices in Turku.

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