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Procurement professionals, processes and tools –
all together

Increasing competition and maintaining competitiveness requires seeking cost benefits from all aspects of your business – including sourcing. Because sourcing is a significant part of revenue - even 75% - it is worth focusing on the effective implementation of procurement. According to our experience the entire cost of sourcing is not always known or recognised and thus it is not actively monitored or developed. When your procurement is taken care of as a service partially or as a whole, you can focus on your core business and make sure that your purchases are done professionally to support your business and enabling growth and development.

Strategic sourcing and operative purchasing – with professionalism

Procurement professionals


  • Buyers
  • Sourcing and Purchasing Managers
  • Category Managers
  • Development consultants
  • Coaches
Procurement processes PaaS


  • Sourcing strategies
  • Category models
  • Supplier development
  • Sourcing reporting and measurement
  • Best practices
Procument tools - ValueSource PaaS


  • Current state analysis
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Supplier search and market research
  • Sourcing to payment process (S2P)
  • Improvement of purchasing processes

Procurement as a service – Strategic sourcing and operative purchasing special know – how

Sourcing is digitizing at fast pace. It requires more know–how including digital tools, which are speeding up the entire procurement process. Procurement as a service is a cost-effective way to manage your purchasing. Process has been refined and found to work in practise. We provide a complete source-to-pay solution with real-time tracking of events. ValueSource act as a partner and administer the system and provides the system as a service to the customer. As a customer, you don’t have to invest in large systems, you get instant help with vendor management, RFQs, Category management, automation of the order process and analysis of agreed metrics. This service integrates seamlessly to our clients daily operations.

We help companies to improve productivity, accelerate project lead times and reduce operating cost by using the most advanced tools on market. At the core of our operations is our knowledgeable staff with genuine expertise in various aspects of procurement.


Cost benefits and competitiveness add agility to your business    Procurements top team for your business    An integrating partner for your business


ValueSource - Procurement as a Service

We carry both indirect and direct procurement or even a special area of procurement as an outsourced service

Procurement as a service is suitable for e.g. for the following situations:

  • Ad hoc situations, which requires special know-how about sourcing
  • When extra resources are needed
  • When company wants to optimize resources because of the seasoning or changes in orders.
  • When it comes to implement indirect procurement in a professional way
  • When you want an accurate, real-time overview of your purchases
  • When focusing your own resources to core business
  • When you want to take advantage of modern sourcing tools without own investments
  • When you want cost-effective sourcing model
  • When it comes to ensuring professional sourcing
  • When it comes to increase competitiveness and scalability

Procurement as a service professionally in all
sourcing categories as outsourced service


Do you know indirect procurement spend in your company? How big portion of costs do they bear? How do you develop and measure this?

Are indirect purchases made by different departments of your company controlled, decentralized, cheap or expensive or something else?

How much time do you spend in your organization on purchasing, checking invoices and clarifying any issues? Many are unknowingly spending too much – you will be surprised when the total cost is taken into consideration.


Manage your indirect spend with outsourcing service

Indirect spend is normally about 40% of all purchasing. So, it is important part of your overall spend. The challenge is that costs are often very fragmented, and just clarifying this is even more time-consuming than you can possibly invest.

We create a collaborative model for your business that is open and fluid, which keeps you up to date on the cost structure and overall cost of this area. ValueSource ensure, that these indirect purchases works always at the highest level.


Is there time in your procurement to know the market and search and tender suppliers?

Whether your existing systems support efficient purchasing?

You can leave us direct production purchases and supplier management for both critical and volume sourcing. We can also help your purchasing and sourcing department during busy times.

Tendering process and sourcing strategies

Our team is looking for the best suppliers for you by RFQ process with several suppliers. Or we can create a strategic supplier plan with you.

Procurement as a service (PaaS) – will bring you best benefits from professional procurement; market pricing-based purchases, smooth purchasing process with digital tools and especially about the time which goes to planning and tendering with several departments and suppliers.

Procurement as a service (PaaS) bring benefits to companies

  • Company will have access to a professional sourcing organisation with expertise in various fields.
  • Company can focus on it’s core business
  • Procurement is constantly being developed from overall economic perspective
  • Professionalism of procurement will bring immediate and especially long-term cost savings
  • Creating optimum network of suppliers for the company, which is maintained according to the possible market changes.
  • Increasing company competitiveness
Procurement professionals - professional sourcing
Professional procurement processes - as a service

For what kind of companies PaaS service is suitable?

Couple of examples:

  • Companies which have willingness to develop, improve their competitiveness and differentiate from the competitors
  • For business of all sizes. For both small and large companies. Size is not a constraint.
  • For companies that are looking for long lasting results, not just quick wins.
  • For companies that live by order book and need scalability.
  • For companies, which business the sourcing has strategic meaning and where the share of purchasing is significant part of revenue.
  • For internationalizing companies who are seeking for new markets and new competitive suppliers.