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Buy easier and smarter with a managed procurement service

Development assignments

  • Top procurement specialists
  • Sparring and development activities
  • Effectiveness and genuine competitive ability from procurement
  • Streamlining the procurement process
  • Utilizing the expertise of the supplier base (SRM)
  • Auditing and development of supplier quality
  • Customized training
  • Utilization of eSourcing solutions
  • Learn how to operate and when to realize savings below the line

Resourcing assignments

  • Specialists from purchaser to Procurement Manager
  • ICT procurement specialists to carry out digitization
  • Investment procurement professionals
  • Project procurement, project purchases, and project logistics
  • Total cost savings for procurement
  • The right kind of competency at the right time – flexibility
  • You can focus on your core operations and free up valuable time
  • Savings for personnel and recruiting costs
  • You can outsource your entire supply chain to us!

Investment Projects Require Experts and Employees

Major investments are usually carried out every 5–10 years and they have a significant impact on the success of the company. Therefore, you should harness the best specialists to implement these projects. What must be taken into consideration regarding factory investment projects and what agreements should be made? Take a look at the Factory Investment Checklist created by our specialists, in which you will find a wealth of information learned through practice to help you implement successful investments.

Timo Nieminen
“Comprehensive tendering of the IT infrastructure provided 42 % in cost savings on an annual level and the measurability of our service level increased user satisfaction more than 50 %.”
Timo Nieminen
ICT procurement specialist
“ValueSource has represented the customer in more than 20 real estate category procurement projects. The results have been significant in each one, whether consisting of few thousand euros worth of landscaping services or elevator renovations and maintenance contracts.”
Jouko Väinölä
Procurement specialist

The right competency at the right time

We can carry out an individual development project or choose the cooperation model of continuous service. The effectiveness of procurement on business operations is increased further according to how purposefully and to what extent the partnership is implemented – which also means bigger result below the line. Procurement specialists that are seamlessly integrated into your organization can also quickly improve the level of competency and coping in a rush. The development partnership and resourcing partnership adapt to all procurement phases and situations.

  • You receive the right type of competency at the exact right time, thus improving your agility and reaction speed
  • You are provided access to the expertise of the entire ValueSource team with more than 50 specialists
  • Projects remain on schedule and risks are managed – achieve results faster
  • Improve your time management and free up key personnel time
  • Continuous improvement and management of procurement through a partnership
  • Customer value propositions are fulfilled and the customer satisfaction of your company is increased
  • Accountability and cumulative cost benefits increase the result

Have you identified the current state of procurement in your company?

Are price and delivery time essential or do you use procurement levers to increase your competitive ability and even target market leadership? Different companies have different situations and different objectives. One company may be at a completely sufficient level to operate as a tendering party one project at a time, while elsewhere an international publicly listed company has come a long way towards pursuing a world-class procurement ecosystem.

Does every company have to be best in procurement?

It pays off, but is not necessarily required. The best thing is to proceed hand in hand with the objectives of the business operations. What makes procurement great, is the fact that a company can always develop and changes in business operations and operating environment can often act as drivers that define the objectives for procurement. Whether procurement is used to extinguish fires or build ecosystems, we should proceed actively alongside the objectives of business operations.


Where is your company on its trajectory today and where are you aiming to be?

Let’s find the right solution for Your company.

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