A shared vision and commitment help with drawing up an efficient procurement strategy

Typically, procurement makes up approximately 60–80% of the company’s turnover. Yet, it is regrettably rare that the importance of a seamless procurement process is acknowledged. When it comes to customer projects, it is often evident that the company’s management lacks a sufficient view of the current state of procurement, there is no regular reporting, and procurement […]

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Pimatic Oy

Competitive tendering performed by professionals
“Metal machining service and component purchases make up a significant part of our procurement. We wanted to find significant overall product development to support the profitability and quality production ability of our strongly growing business. ValueSource’s services enabled us to achieve real improvement in the quality of our operations and the availability of our products.”
Mika Virtanen
CEO, Pimatic Oy

Pimatic Oy

  • Pimatic is the only company in Finland specializing in applied pneumatics and low pressure hydraulics.
  • The company has set ambitious growth targets and consolidated its position as the trusted partner of many leading global manufacturers in the field of pneumatic solutions.
  • Pimatic’s roots in the field of applied pneumatics go back all the way to 1974, and the company’s name has been used as a brand right from the start. Pimatic has its own product development and production center in Huittinen, Finland.
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The start and starting points of cooperation:  

In the fall of 2020, Pimatic had rightly identified machining and subcontracting services as well as component procurement as development targets. After considering the solutions from many different angles, it was decided to find out the market prices through competitive tendering. The goals were very clear right from the start: -A better understanding of the supplier market and risk management
- Improvement in overall efficiency in the selected product groups
- External assistance to expedite the realization of the results


With the challenges with resources and schedules creating pressure, the decision was made to outsource the competitive tendering process to professionals. Pimatic’s own staff were able to concentrate on ensuring production and on the technical specifications of the items subject to the competitive tendering. At the start of the cooperation, it was mutually deemed that the technical documentation needed to be updated, thus enabling a smooth competitive tendering, with a vast number of different drawings plus “list components” on top of that.

The process was carried out in steps—first through information requests submitted in ValueSource’s name to map the supplier field and, later on, through official requests for a quotation in Pimatic’s name.

The cooperation was extremely smooth and transparent, with regular monitoring and steering meetings between Pimatic and ValueSource. ValueSource’s team held weekly meetings led by the project manager, and the work was carried out almost entirely remotely. As the project progressed, the competitive tendering process was expanded as it showed good potential for improving efficiency.


Pimatic and ValueSource’s cooperation proved that involving external procurement professionals in the competitive tendering process achieved significant benefits. Pimatic achieved significant improvements in its overall efficiency at the corporate level and was thereby able to improve its availability and competitiveness in a fiercely competitive market!

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